In late 2004 we visited Cyprus for a one-week break from a cold and gloomy England, primarily for a bit of sunshine in our favourite holiday venue, and also to look for a holiday / retirement home. It took us all of a day to confirm that Limassol was the district we would like to live in, and an agent showing us around Limassol took us to Parekklisia, a small ritual village some 4 km from the beach in the East Beach area of Limassol. He showed us new development by Iron Investments - their first project, I believe, which consisted of seven houses and a bungalow which was not much more than a skeleton. It was the last house in that project to be completed and I think the only one not sold at the time. After lengthy discussions with the Iron Investments team we purchased the bungalow. Although we were at home in England whilst the house was bring completed, we had all the necessary input and were kept informed of progress, in living dozens of photographs. We took occupation on the contractually specified date, and were met at the house at night with the keys and shown around with everything explained in detail. We only moved to Cyprus to live here permanently in 2009, more than 5 years later. In the interim, Iron Investments kept an eye on the house for us, collected any post and dealt with any issues, council bills, etc. which we would settle on our next visit. Having now lived in the house for over 10 years, we are still thrilled with it! The build quality is excellent - any minor issues which have arisen have been promptly and efficiently dealt with, and when our insurance company sent a surveyor to inspect the house (a common practice in Cyprus, we understand) he was amazed that we had no cracks in the walls. We understand from our neighbours that most of them have also had very few if any issues with their properties. IRON Investments have always been helpful if we have had questions regarding the property, and have advised us on any regular maintenance which may be advisable (repainting flat roof surfaces, resealing edges of tiled outdoor areas, etc.). Furthermore, we obtained our title deeds soon after moving to Cyprus, again with assistance from Iron Investments. We are still in regular contact with the Iron Investments team an meet up with the on a regular basis. We consider ourselves fortunate to have bought from Iron Investments, particularly knowing the issues many foreigners have experienced when purchasing property in Cyprus.
Kambos Mountain View Villas Parekklisia

Marian & Steve Black

Kambos Mountain View Houses 1 H.8
Прожив на Кипре 5 лет в съемном жилье, мы решили обзавестись собственной недвижимостью. Думали–гадали, какой район станет нашим новым домом, и в конце-концов отдали предпочтение окрестностям Лимассола. Наш “радар” был настроен на определенный бюджет, 200–250 м кв, 3 спальни. Мы обратились за помощью к риэлтору, и он усердно возил нас в Мони, Пигрос и т.д., даже были в Суни. Смотрели новострои и вторичку. Качество построек оставляло желать лучшего, причем оно особо не зависело от цены. Мы к такому не привыкли и были разочарованы. В один из дней, во время очередного просмотра, риэлтер завез нас в Параклишу на новострой, сказав, что этот застройщик очень дорожит своей репутацией. Я запомнила эту фразу, но значения ей не предала. Посреди холмов мы увидели один новый заселенный дом, хорошую дорогу с тротуаром и строящееся здание 50-60% готовности. Я подумала, какой ужас, и даже не вышла из машины. Муж пошел смотреть сам, а когда вернулся, сказал только, что завтра мы должны сюда еще раз приехать без никого и посмотреть. На следующий день мы приехали, и я увидела готовую коробку новостроя с толстенными стенами и хорошим утеплителем. Муж указал на огромные бетонные сваи и около 60 см бетонной подушки. Еще я увидела море с одной стороны дома и горы с другой. И мы поняли, что это наш дом. Наш выбор предопределило качество постройки. На Кипре мы такого не видели. Сейчас, прозимовав здесь три зимы мы знаем точно, что не ошиблись. Дом сухой и теплый, зимой особо топить не нужно, отопление включаем 2 раза в день на 10 минут (это правда). Температура в доме не опускается ниже 19 градусов, никаких сквозняков. К качеству ремонта придраться сложно. До сих пор застройщики помогают нам в каких-то хозяйственных вопросах. Часто бесплатно. Из негатива: не совсем удачная планировка. Дизайн старомоден, нам пришлось доделывать карнизы от солнца и веранду. Но мы знали изначально об этом всем – нас победило качество. И кстати, я ездила из любопытсва посмотреть новые проекты наших застройщиков и немного позавидовала, потому что проекты стали современней и, на мой взгляд, лучше. И теперь о застройщиках: они прекрасные люди и отвечают за то, что делают. Title Deed нам обещали за 6 месяцем, сделали за 4. Денег не взяли 100%, пока мы не получили эту бумажку, такая у них политика. И нам очень нравится их политика, как они подходят к делу и клиентам. Мы теперь дружим с ребятами и очень дорожим этой дружбой.
Menies Heights Villas Parekklisia

Igor & Tatyana Zabolotnyi

Menies Heights Project - H.2
“We are very confident to recommend Iron Investments to prospective property buyers. Although for some people buying property could prove very stressful, for us it was an enjoyable experience! Everything was managed in a professional manner based on good communication skills and on trust, which we established through the years. We have known Iron Investments since 2007 and we were pleased to see that they adhere to building regulations. Both our properties were completed on time and of high standards as agreed. The title deeds were delivered in a short period of time after completion. The after sales maintenance worth a special mention as it contributed positively to our overall experience.”
Kambos Mountain View Villas Parekklisia

Chris & Popi Ingoe

Kambos Mountain View Houses - Project 2 - H.10
I currently own a House from Iron Investments Ltd in one of their projects at Parekklisia village. They have delivered best quality houses and possess the capability to envision their buyer’s requirement. After having visited the sites of many builders in Limassol I chose Iron Investments and today I am very much happy & satisfied with my decision of taking house with them due to their quality, delivery time and prices. After many years of my purchased my house still looks good as new, very well build and reliable. The Personnel of Iron Investments are friendly helpful and high qualified and stays with the clients long after the purchasing for any assistance.
Livadi Bungalows Parekklisia

Alexis Alexandrou

Livadi Project - H.5
I am by no means an easy customer, nor was the home Iron Investments built for me my first build, which makes me a builder's nightmare. As I was out the country, most of my home was built in my absence. Nevertheless all construction was done with high professionalism. All works were attended to properly by Michalis, Antigoni, Elias and team. All changes and additions to the building that I requested, such as, changing an internal wall, adding specific sanitary ware and repositioning of the Swimming pool we done properly and to my satisfaction. Iron Investments display high professional standards, honesty and what is more friendly and courteous attitude towards myself as their client. I shall be building with them again.
Menies Heights Villas Parekklisia

Tomi Nowak

Menies Heights Project - H.3
We found Iron Investments to be a professional and reliable developer, their attention to detail in all aspects, have been second to none. Iron Investments practical building knowledge is excellent, we looked at their previous developments and found their quality of work very good and they have built on their skills by learning from their experience to produce and even higher product in the home they delivered for us. Iron Investments administrative skills are equally good. We were away from Cyprus for long periods during construction, but this did not impact on Iron Investments efficiency in dealing with us and the Cypriot authorities. They kept us well informed on the progress of construction with regular reports and photographic evidence. They were equally adapt when dealing with the Cypriot Land Registry and construction authorities which was evident by the delivery of our full title deeds in record time. Stelios (the architect) had designed our house to suit our needs.

Lester & Morkeh Benjamin

Menies Heights Project - H.1